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Nowadays, glass is not only popular in architecture with its dominant usage for buildings but also plays a major part in modern interior design. With the integration between the art lighting and Led advertising in the pursuit of uniqueness, Dai Thanh Media is the pioneer with its involvement in supplying the Crystal Led for Media and advertising industry in Vietnam at present.

Crystal Led is a type of super-thin display screen which is transparent and capable of displaying image, video with dynamic effect and vibrant color – is built right on the glass surface of the buildings.

Moreover, Crystal Led is also the friendly light source with the low power consumption to help minimize the operating cost and makes positive impact to the environment.



  • With opacity of 75-95% at highest resolution, the screen become transparent when looking within 5 meters’ distance.
  • Modular design allows easy installation even for bigger size display set with astounding resolution.
  • Mobile and lightweight at 12kg/m2 (inclusive of power supply), it’s only half of the weight of majority of its competitors on the market
  • High brightness in even daylight or at night with much lower power consumption compared to projector and LCD.
  • Good lifetime and LED panel can be easily maintained or replaced with minimum assembly.

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